Air-Tight Front for Wood Fired Arches

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Keep the heat, smoke, and sparks in the arch with an air-tight arch front for your wood fired arch.  This gasketed, locking door is a must for syrup producers using any type of forced draft, and is inulated to hold the heat in, under the pans for increased efficiency.  Sugar houses stay cleaner and safer.

All of the air-tight fronts feature one large firing door with a customer option of the door swinging to the left or right.  Fronts made to fit 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot wide wood fired arches also include an additional air blower and duct work for air jets installed in the door.

With a pattern, or proper measurements an Insulated Air-tight Front can be made to fit any size and style of wood fired arch currently on the market.

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