Airablo Electric Belly Releaser (Extractor)


The Airablo Electric Belly Releaser is designed for producers with height restriction for incoming sap, and for large producers with multiple sap storage tanks.  The electric switch inside the belly releaser activates the optional pumps included with the unit.  When the switch starts the pump it pumps until the releaser is empty, then the electric switch will shut the pump off and wait for the releaser to fill with maple sap again.  The Belly releaser feature multiple inlets for incoming tubing lines of the maple sap tubing system and has a variety of sizes to accommodate any size incoming line.  This electric style extractor also features a 4″ vacuum inlet that can be reduced as needed for the size of the operation.  Sized with the proper water pump the Airablo Electric Belly Releaser can handle up to 10,000 taps.

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