The Steam-Away

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The Steam-Away is a sap pre-heating and evaporation system that can be added to any flue pan or steam pan to increase evaporation rates.

Intense testing was done and showed a 65-75 percent increase in Evaporation Rates from the Steamaway.  The Steam-Away is patented and proven to work effectively for all size syrup producers including this Wisconsin Syrup Producer:

“The best recovery for money invested.  I had a 75% increase in production.  I’m very happy and very impressed.” – Dave Richter

Added benefit, a constant supply of 200 degree hot water for the sugar house.

Now made entirely of 304 Stainless Steel.  MADE IN THE USA!

Enhanced Steam-aways are also available for high efficiency pans like the MAX flue pan, or Steam pans.

How does a Steam-Away work:
A series of small steam pipes are submersed into shallow V shaped trays filled with cold raw sap.  As the steam from the flue pan is released it hits the bottom of the V trays and is then funneled through the steam pipes before it can escape.  This incredible ratio of heating surface to volume of sap allows virtually all of the steam to be used, and condensed back to water as a result.

Now the finishing touch to make the system ultra-efficient.  High pressure air is added through two small pipes at the bottom of each V-shaped tray to aggetate the sap making appear as though it were boiling.  This process of introducing oxygen allows vapor to be released without actually reaching the boiling point, and even further decreases the volume of liquid within the steamaway.

A float on the steamaway maintains a consistent liquid level within the unit so that the steam pipes stay submersed and the liquid exits to the flue pan as needed by the flue pan float so no additional sap is needed for the evaporator.

The end result is 190-200 degree sap that has been slightly concentrated before it enters the flue pan.  All of the condensation from the used steam is collected and an constant supply of 200 degree hot water exits off on rear corner of the Steam-away.  There will be 3/4 to 1 gallon of hot condensate water for every gallon the evaporation rate increases.

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